Hameez is a water sports trainer from the Maldives who trains in Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing, Waterski, Waterboarding, Flyboarding, Parasailing, Snorkeling and Jetski. He has always lived by the sea and played around as kids and decided to make a career out of it by being a water sports trainer.
How did you choose this career
I was born on an island called Eydhafushi and I used to spend most of my time in the water with my friends. After school in 2002, I started my profession in watersports as I loved it, was familiar with it and good at it.
What is your take on gigs or students working in their early life?
Everyone has to learn one or the other, training is more important and it is more helpful during studies which give a career exploration. But it only happens with interest and eager to learn.
Advice to youngsters
Do some jobs early, but also maintain focus on jobs which you love to do. Explore different career options to see where you fit right in based on your aspirations and interests. Finally, most important to remember is that hard work pays is the only thing that ensures “return on investment (ROI)”.