S Shirke
Pushkaraj S Shirke is a man who wears many hats. He’s a K11 certified fitness professional by passion, an artist by heart, and a piston-hearted traveller who explores the country with a 150cc bike and a tent, creating art along the way.
What is the best part of what you do? (in photography, filmmaking, direction)
The best part is not being answerable to anyone, never having to fill out a leave application to travel, and doing what I love to do every day of my life. For me, each day is like a vacation even though it involves work. Work is vacation and vacation is work. Earlier in the advertising field, just to take a leave I needed to apply for it one month in advance, fill out an application, and wait for approval. But now it is different. I just get on my bike, go wherever I want, and always have a camera in hand to shoot great images.
You are into fitness photography, fitness consulting, filmmaking, photography etc. If you had to pick one, which would you choose?
Photography, undoubtedly. From my childhood I was into painting and interested in magazines and pictures. Even if have to get up really early in the morning to go for shoots, I will always be ready for it.
What is your take on gigs and youngsters being part of it?
I started working on photography and other interests at the age of 15 while still in school. It definitely helps to get an idea of how the world operates. Otherwise dreaming of graduating and earning a 50k/month salary is not gonna happen unless youngsters have hands-on work experience and knowing how an industry operates. College days are perfect for exploring different kinds of work in order to know which suits one the best. I changed 8 jobs before getting into photography. Those 8 jobs made me realize what I liked and what I didn't. It is always better to test out the work you think you’ll like as early as possible, which is a practical approach.
When did you know that your passion is towards photography and how did this happen?
I was a science student and knew that if I scored well in Class 12, above 60% at least, I could gain admission into engineering and end up doing nothing of what I really wanted to do. In order to sabotage that, I planned my exams so as to not achieve above 60 marks in any subject. I ended up securing 58% in total so I couldn’t get admission to any science college, which left me open my chosen option to opt for an arts degree and thus majored in psychology and later shifted to advertising. I was very clear about my career plan to pursue my interest in films and photography. So to gain experience and connections I spent 8 years in advertising doing jobs such as like writing ads while working with photographers and filmmakers so I could learn to work with all kinds of equipment
Advice to youngsters who wish to follow their passion
In any field, in order to grow there are a few things that are very important. First, one should get an education in that field. Second is to find oneself a mentor for guidance. But mainly, it’s about having the passion to practice it, pursue it, and work for it 24*7. ”.